eOcambo Hospitality Group - Small Hotels with a big heart

The eOcambo Hospitality Group is a socially responsible company with more than 15 years’ experience in delivering high quality and innovative experiences to visitors from all over the world. The founders are young dynamic Cambodians who use their experience in hospitality to train their staff to provide the very best service while maintaining the unique warm and friendly manner that comes naturally to Cambodians. eOcambo Hospitality Group deeply respects the Khmer culture and we are committed to responsible tourism and respect for the environment.

Our aim is that our guests fall in love with the beauty of the Kingdom of Wonder, its gentle people and fascinating culture, then help us break the poverty cycle while having a wonderful time in Siem Reap.

Accommodation Options
The eOcambo Hospitality Group has a range of different accommodation options. We have the 4 and 4.5 star eOcambo Village and Residence and our 5 Star Boutique Resort and Spa, both just a short distance from the centre of Siem Reap. There is also the eOcambo Foundation, and eOcambo Volunteers projects started to help the wider community.

Things to do
There are a plethora of things to see and do here, Siem Reap really does have something for everyone, but finding the best can be a challenge. Our staff are 99% Siem Reap locals who know the area well and can advise our guests how to tailor their visit around their interests. The staff know where to explore and how to enjoy this unique cultural and natural World Heritage area. eOcambo Tours and Activities provides the widest and most diverse range of experiences available in Siem Reap, we developed many of our own unique tours available only to eOcambo guests.

eOcambo Foundation
We believe that any successful business should help those less fortunate and we do this through the eOcambo Foundation. The founders and staff are passionate about helping Cambodians break the poverty cycle and the eOcambo Foundation was begun with that in mind. The Foundation receives 5% of profits from the Hotels to support various community projects and NGOs, improve school facilities, donate items needed by school children and we facilitate projects run by our guests.

eOcambo Volunteer Programs
eOcambo Volunteer Programs was created to connect the needs of the community in Siem Reap with international visitors who wish to help the people of Cambodia. Our programs as designed to improve Cambodians living conditions, education, health and provide aid in other areas that developed countries take for granted. We assist people or groups who wish to volunteer, as well as NGO’s and other project co-coordinators by acting as the link to support both parties on the ground in Siem Reap. If you have a beneficial project to run in the Siem Reap area, we can facilitate your organisation in country.

Social Responsibility
The eOcambo Hospitality Group takes social responsibility seriously and we provide employment for young, inexperienced students and support them in furthering their education into University. We provide flexible working arrangements when our staff have University exams and assignments due. We also provide in-house training in hospitality, life skills and have English lessons twice a week for all staff. We support local artists by employing them to paint the murals in the eOcambo Village Guest Rooms. We support local businesses and producers by sourcing as much as possible from the Siem Reap area. We run promotions aimed at helping Cambodian students complete high school and go on to University.

Respect for the Environment
eOcambo Hospitality Group aspires to lower the impact of tourism and our Hotels on the environment. We are always looking for better ways to do business with a low carbon footprint and we have these measures in place now:
• We have Saltwater pools to reduce chemical usage and environmental contamination
• Single-use plastic and styrofoam being phased out
• Towel, linen and water policy in place
• Bicycles available for hire
• Glass bottles instead of plastic in rooms, and free water refill stations for guests
• Reuse of printed paper for scratch paper
• Used cardboard, aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles recycled
• Food scraps go to feed to farm animals
• Focus on locally-sourced food
• All lights being converted to low-energy LED lights as they need replacing
• Use of local suppliers including tailors, laundry, and drinks to reduce fuel consumption, carbon footprint and benefit the local community
• Use of eco-friendly local suppliers where possible
• Replaced all individual plastic-wrapped soap-bars in the rooms with refillable soap dispensers to reduce plastic waste and landfill
• We minimize our carbon footprint by striving to source everything needed in the hotel locally, which has the added benefit of indirect employment for the locals.
• Eco-friendly mosquito traps.
• We do not kill lizards as they are great eco-friendly pest exterminators, we will attempt to catch and relocate them
• Relocation of any wildlife found in our gardens to a more suitable habitat

eOcambo Hospitality Group – Small Hotels with a big heart